In the middle of Slovenia

Slovenia is in Central Europe, between the Alps, Pannonia and Adriatic sea. Its neighbours are Italy on the West, Austria on the North, Hungary on the East and Croatia in the south. A bit over 20.000 km2 in size and with 2 million inhabitants it is among the smaller European countries.

It is a democratic republic, governed by the rule of law and a social state, which was a part of Yugoslavia until 1991. A member of the EU, Schengen area and a member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Euro became the official currency in 2007, replacing the tolar. Official language is Slovene, with a large percentage of the population fluent in English, German and Serbo-Croatian, placing Slovenes among the top in foreign language fluency.

Living in Slovenia is even more attractive because of the diverse and preserved nature and high security, since it is regularly among top ten of the safest countries in the world.