Zasavje is transforming from an industrial and mining hub to a modern and diverse society. It is full of companies with a long tradition, made stronger by countless trials and newly founded firms, bursting with ideas and youthful power, with supportive surrounding. Contrasting landscape and people with vast experiences, technical prowess and skills. The smallest Slovenian region is also full of greatness. Full of opportunities.

You are welcomed to take part in this magnificent process of transforming a place where more than 200 years of industrial tradition produced vast technical knowledge, fostered innovative thinking and creativity, made clear that work is essential for existence and development.

Situated in the centre of Slovenia offers great access to every part of the country and its small size puts all the European cities nearer. Constant migration also means openness to different cultures. A railway connected Zasavje to Europe in 19th century, the highway touches the region on its northern side and international airports and seaports are just around the corner.

Lastly, the modern supportive environment with incentives for investors help shape the challenges into development and growth.